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    A man wallet should deliver two aspects: functional and fashionable. Since it plays as an extension of your true personality, so just think twice before choosing your favorite wallet. Different from the bifold design, one best mens trifold wallet offers roomy space for several items including money, cards and even coins.
    If you read our trifold wallet collection for women already, we know you are in search of the genuine leather trifold wallet for men as well. Selecting the mens trifold leather wallets means you will have ultra-capacity with multiple pockets divided into 3 creases. Like other wallets, they all spark out the compact and durability which can last for a lifetime.
    Check out this new collection of Best mens trifold wallets in this 2019! Select one stylish wallet for your loved one is not a big deal anymore. You can even grab one allows you to carry the whole world.
    Differentiate between a bifold wallet and a best mens trifold wallet

    Mens trifold wallets feature three separated sections with two folds. As with the bifold style, you will have a long open compartment for cash and vertical slots for cards and important receipts. The wallet is often made of genuine leather, synthetic, fabric or soft canvas.
    As best mens trifold wallet is divided in thirds, we believe you will have more space for money and cards. However, it depends on your style to keep essentials well-organized when using. Since it offers spacious design, best tri fold wallet appears to be bulkier and heavier than the bifold.
    Choose the material for best tri fold wallet

    There are 4 common types of material that are used to make the trifold wallets including leather, synthetic, canvas and fabric.
    • Leather: This is the most popular material which brings you several “mens trifold leather wallets” in the market. As you will use the wallet multiple times each day, choosing leather results in the intense durability and flexible performance. Not just the mass-produced wallet, handmade and personalized wallet made of leather are more likely to win people heart.
    • Synthetic: Although synthetic is cheaper than one genuine leather trifold wallet, it still brings the long-lasted lifespan. One advantage of this material is the consumer-friendly functions and resistance to stretching, wrinkles and water. However, this manmade material may cause irritation or annoyed smell.
    • Fabric: Best mens trifold wallet made of fabric ensures to bring you durability and protection, which resistant against tearing and typical erosion. Purchasing fabric wallet allows you to wash gently with water after a hard use.
    • Canvas: When you are looking for one product that features the weather-resistant, outdoor-friendly and tough as all hell, then mens canvas trifold wallets are the best choice.
    Reviews of some best mens trifold wallet in 2019:

    6. Fossil Men’s Leather Trifold Wallet

    If you are the one who is into brown color as well as the vintage style, we highly recommend this Fossil Mens Trifold Wallet. Made of 100% genuine leather, wallet delivers the durability and exotic performance. Since this is one imported item, it ensures the excellence in design and material that have been used. Besides, the inner space features one cover layer of manmade linings.
    This brown leather trifold wallet is one good option in case you need to keep inside pockets or even small purse. The size measures 4.25 x 3 inches (high x wide). You will find 1 cash compartment, 7 card slots and 1 additional ID window with a plastic frame for fast checking at the station. Kindly check the tonal stitching and embossed logo to make sure you pick an authentic product. This Fossil best mens trifold wallet may get bulkier once you put too many cards inside.
    No more worry about dusty surface after a short time using, just take one wipe cloth to wipe it down or wash it with a hand gently. Wallet appears smaller for the real product based on most comments.
    7. Tommy Hilfiger Trifold for Men- Wallet with Leather Credit Card Pockets and ID Window

    American style is about confidence, independence, diversity and free expression. The Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Leather Cambridge Trifold Wallet speaks them all! Since this is one imported item, wallet ensures to meet the excellent performance in design and quality. Wallet made of cow leather, one kind of material that both delivers the sturdiness and durability. Commonly, businessman prefers choosing this one as its vintage outlook will best match their shining suit.
    In term of size, this one measures 1 x 3.25 inches (High X Wide). The inner construction features 1 compartment for cash, up to 7 card slots. While other wallets offer you 1 ID window, this mens trifold wallet adds some transparent sleeves for storing your things. Its construction features the contrast stitching and logo patch inset to make sure this is an authentic item. The package includes an elegant gift box that you can use as a valet tray.
    There are customers made compliments on the transparent sleeves, as they bring convenience when checking as well as reading your information. As you not only put in the ID card, but some of your photos as well. The real item is smaller than the advertised dimension.
    Reach your business success and strengthen the relationship by bringing along the cards at one place. You may need to have one credit card holder for men that can be used for several purposes.
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    8. NFL New England Patriots Embroidered Genuine Cowhide Leather Trifold Wallet

    “Every man should know, if you’re comfortable and you like it, you should do it. Everyone always worries about what the girls think, what the guys think. If you like it, do it”.
    The New England Patriots have become the model, the inspiration in the NFL since the turn of the century. Not just the quotes, Rico Industries created a huge impression by embroidering this symbol onto their wallet’s surface. NFL New England Patriots Embroidered Best Tri Fold Wallet made of genuine lether, it delivers the superb durability to withstand unexpected wear and tear.
    Take a closer look, wallet construction features 1 full-length compartment for cash, 6 card slots and 2 hidden pockets for your private bills. There is 1 extra ID slot with thumb cut-out for easy access. Be sure to measure your cards and make sure they fit this sizing: 3 x 4 inches. The embroidered logo stays at the front of your pockets. As this is one imported item, wallet ensures to meet all strict requirements in both design and quality.
    Most Patriots fan would love this wallet. So if you want to buy as a gift for your father or your boyfriend, this black leather trifold wallet is one perfect choice.
    9. Big Skinny Men’s Tri-Fold Slim Wallet, Holds Up to 25 Cards

    As the name speaks it all. This Big Skinny Best Mens Trifold Wallet embraces the classic double-fold-over design. Though the wallet seems “big” when you open, we sure it still stays slim and sleek at any times. Be sure to measure your cards to avoid sizing inconsistency. This Big Skinny best tri fold wallet measures 3 x 4 1/8 inches, and 5mm thin when you leave it empty. It’s perfect to put inside pant pockets; or even carry on your hands without any burden.
    The first Big Skinny wallet was made by Kiril Stefan Alexandrov. Tired of his bulky wallet, Kiril utilizes the advanced nylon micro-fiber material to reduce the thickness and heaviness. Then nylon micro-fiber becomes the main material for most Big Skinny wallet until today. Wallet features 4 card slots, 2 hidden pockets and 1 transparent ID window; allows you to carry up to 25 plastic cards. All the wide pockets prevent your cards from sliding out by lining with a rubbery coating.
    Big Skinny mens small trifold wallet can be washed by machine after a hard use. It only takes 20 minutes to dry out. There are 3 different colors including black, brown and graphite. Also keep in mind that thickness of your mens canvas trifold wallets tend to increase depends on the things you put inside.
    10. Stealth Mode Trifold RFID Blocking Leather Wallet for Men

    In this best mens trifold collection, most wallets suggested all from reliable brands, even stay in the top list of Amazon’s Choice. And this Stealth Mode Trifold RFID Wallet is not an exception. Made of crazy horse leather, this material delivers the durability as well as weather-resistance to deal with all kinds of outer impacts. The outer skin is covered with wax that can change the natural color of leather and bring an antique look to your wallet.
    In term of sizing, wallet measures 3.25 x 4.25 inches. Its inner design has 1 full-length compartment, 9 card slots and 1 transparent ID window. With this amount of space, feel free to carry more than 12 cards and several folded bills depend on your preference. Stealth Mode brown leather trifold wallet equips to the strong RFID lining that blocks frequency (13.56 MHz) RFID signals.
    Card slot appears to be a bit tight at the beginning. Yet, it will stretch out throughout the time. Best mens trifold wallet is packaged in an elegant gift box set, perfect to send on special occasions.
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